The Basics of Startup Financing

Launching a startup can be an exciting yet challenging endeavor, with one of the biggest hurdles being to secure adequate funding.  Startup financing refers to the process of raising funds to support the growth and development of a new business venture.  In PerleyLaw‘s latest article, we delve into various forms of startup financing, with a focus on promissory notes, convertible notes, and SAFE notes. Enjoy!

How Do You Monetize Intellectual Property?

In the era of innovation and creativity, intellectual property (IP) has emerged as a crucial asset for both businesses and individuals.  But the question that often arises is – how can one monetize IP?  In this latest article by PerleyLaw, we aim to demystify this process and offer practical strategies to transform your creative ideas into a potential income stream. Enjoy! 

How Do You Protect Your Creative Works Internationally?

As a musician and composer, copyright law is a subject near and dear to me. In this latest article by PerleyLaw, we explore the fascinating subject of how creators can protect their artistic works both in the United States and internationally. Hope you enjoy!

How do You Evaluate Intellectual Property?

In this latest article by PerleyLaw, we address how and why you should evaluate intellectual property (IP). Most importantly, a correct evaluation is necessary if you would like to sell, license or transfer ownership of your IP. Hope you enjoy!

Is AI-Generated Artwork Protected By Copyright Law?

In this latest article by PerleyLaw, we explore whether artwork generated by artificial intelligence is subject to copyright protection. It is another fascinating example of how the law frequently takes time to catch up with new technologies. Hope you enjoy! 

The Fundamentals of Copyright Law

In today’s digital age, we have witnessed an exponential growth of new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI).  AI algorithms can now generate artistic works that are comparable to those created by humans.  However, this poses new challenges to copyright law.  In this article, PerleyLaw explores the fundamentals of copyright law and how you can protect your creative works. Hope you enjoy! 

Lessons from Tesla’s Trademark Battles

Tesla’s trademark battles, and there have been several, are absolutely fascinating. This latest article by PerleyLaw shares lessons from these battles and tips on you can safeguard your company’s trademark. Enjoy! 

An Apple a Day Won’t Keep Trademark Disputes at Bay

Learn how to protect your intellectual property and avoid costly legal battles with lessons from Apple’s trademark disputes.

Expanding Internationally? How to Protect Your Trademark

If you are expanding your business internationally, how do you protect your trademark in foreign markets? When it comes to trademark registration, it’s essential to consider your specific goals and the markets you want to enter.  In this latest article by PerleyLaw, we identify strategies to consider for protecting your brand name before global expansion. Hope you enjoy! 

Would You Ask ChatGPT To Make You A Well-Tailored Suit?

#ChatGPT is all the rage right now and definitely a useful tool. However, should you use it to write a contract? This is PerleyLaw‘s answer to the question. Please feel free to leave comments or questions.  Hope you enjoy!

Protect the Products of Your Mind

I started my career as a professional pianist and aspiring composer.  Throughout my education, I played events to support myself, including weddings and concerts (I was even in a rock band once).  Even as a young attorney, I did piano gigs at night and on the weekends.  This, and my deep love for music, inspired me to specialize in intellectual property, the area of law that protects innovation and creation.  I’m happy to share PerleyLaw‘s primer on this fascinating subject.  Hope you enjoy!